How do I become a member?

Membership in Charter 100 is by invitation only.  The Membership Committee identifies potential candidates for membership consideration and presents those candidates to the Executive Committee annually.  After Executive Committee approval, the candidate is sent a formal letter of invitation which allows them to attend the next function without commitment.  Acceptance of the invitation to membership must occur within 30 days and is formalized by payment of annual dues.

What are the yearly membership fees?

Once you have become a member, annual membership dues are $300.00 for regular members and $150.00 for lifetime members.

What are the benefits of being a member of Charter 100 Arizona?

Charter 100 is a nonpartisan, nonprofit network organization for women of outstanding accomplishments in diverse fields.  The purpose of Charter 100 is to identify and bring together business, professional and civic leaders to build and foster a network of communication through programs to enlighten and to inform its Members, as well as provide an open forum for the exchange of ideas.

What are salons?

Salons are the opportunity to connect with other Charter 100 members in smaller group sizes by attend networking events of all kinds to explore different interest within the community.

How much are Charter 100 Arizona events?

Charter 100 Luncheons usually start at $50 for members and their guests, but is subject to change depending on the event.  Other events such as Salons vary in pricing.

What are the typical professions of the members?

The typical professions include:
Arts, Administration
Arts, Performing
Arts, Visual
Animal Life
Real Estate
Service/Civic Organizational/Philanthropy
Unique Fields

Charter 100 is a nonpartisan, nonprofit network organization for women leaders of outstanding accomplishments in diverse fields, including the arts, education, politics, government, business, finance, communications, science, fashion, law, medicine, the ministry, real estate, sports, philanthropy and more. The organization was formed in January 1980 and currently has 265 members. The organization provides a forum for interaction and for the exchange of ideas among members.

Programming consists of monthly meetings and salons, and several special events throughout the year, designed to enlighten and inform members by providing continuing education and opportunities to engage on a variety of topics relevant to their lives. The organization is run by an active volunteer Board responsible for providing programming content and overseeing other aspects of the organization’s operations.

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